Midi thru board


IntelliThru X8 : the Midi Thru board by Orgautomatech.


A small card that can be quite useful for the Midi Musician! One Midi IN , 7 Midi THRU and one Midi OUT with filtration.

Needed if you have to drive more than 3 Midi devices (Midi organ, synthesizer....) with the same source. All the devices will be driven without any decay and no disturbance at all.




    • Size: 100 mm * 70mm
    • One input standard Midi
    • Seven Midi Thru which are exactly the replicas of the input.
    • One Midi output which can be the same as input (one more Thru)  or can be filtered. For example, just let pass through one Midi channel. User can change the channel to be filtered with a special version of Parametor.  IntelliThru is also able to adapt the midi datas such as you can drive some old midi decoder board which doesn't respond to running status or All Note Off messages. Many other fiiltering possibilities on demand.
    • Powered by a 9 volt battery or any DC from 7 volt up to 18 volt
    • Arrives with a standard 9 volt battery cable
    • Can be fitted into any organ or midi instrument
    • Designed and made in France
    • Directly sold from the factory


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 User manual :coming soon




Christian Blanchard

113 rue Champommier

79000 Niort


33(0)9 63 45 61 45



SIRET 399 479 138 00022



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