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Here are the features of this all new midi board I designed , made and now distribute:


  • 64 outputs, 35 volt , 500 mA max

  • size: Only 100 * 130 mm: can fit in any instrument, even the smallest..

  • all ouputs are clearly marked on the board


  • Midi channel can be changed directly on the board by push button and LED, no need any computer. Useful "on stage" to play together with friends.

  • Responds to note-on, note-off,  all note off (CC123)

  • Considers note-on with velocity 0 as note-off

  • Supports MIDI running status

  • Easy mapping of outputs by «self-learning» with Midilector or with the freeware "Parametor".

  • ULN2803 chips are not soldered on the board. In case of an accident (for example a short circuit in a solenoid) they are very easily replaced.

  • New : For security, limitation of the notes number playing together. This feature can be set by the user himself with Parametor

  • Protection against bad polarity

  • Compatible with every midifiles player in respect to MIDI standard

  • The MIDI OUT socket acts as a MIDI THRU. That means that every message that arrived via MIDI IN goes out via MIDI OUT except active sensing messages.

  • On demand, one or more outputs can be programmed to respond to sustain or another control change of your choice

  • All other special programmations on demand

Complete features and user manual, click here:


Price mounted and tested : €80.00

I want to buy this!


DIY kit version: €53.00

Arrives with everything except solder and soldering iron. 


I want to buy this product!




Shipping / conditions and terms


 If you want to pay with bank transfer, or for any other question, please, contact me :


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midi file example  for board configuration:



All inputs / outputs clearly marked on




Also availlable: Midi2Org_32, same as above but with 32 outputs and only 100mm long * 86 mm wide. Price €60.00




Now availlable: SD card MIDI Player








Malcolm's Automatic harpsichord

With 4 Midi2_org_64


Some midi mechanical instruments


watch the Midi2Org in action on the GPTO's piano:

(There are 2 Midi2Org_64, GPTO made himself the SD midi player.)



My own midi automatic accordion with 2 midi2Org_64 boards, one for each side,  on 2 different channels for easy arrangement. It is driven by a mini PC with a simple MIDI/USB interface you can find on eBay for a few euros....Could be driven by a  SD Player (Midilector) or Palm, or something else...



GPTO piano with 2 Orgautomatech midi boards



GPTO accordion



A futur midi accordion with  a Midi2Org_64





Christian Blanchard

113 rue Champommier

79000 NIORT


tel 33 9 63 45 61 45

N° siret 399 479 138 00022

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