Examples of Midi instruments

Harpsichord with Unmanned Awasome Virtuoso MK2


Automated by Malcolm Messiter.

A particular assembly was realized to be simply put on both keyboards, without any modification of the instrument. Electromagnets are 20 ohm tubular type (750 mA under 15 volts). To be able to pilot these solenoids it has been necessary to modify the decoder boards Midi2org_64 which can drive no more than 500 mA by output. After modification, there is only 32 output by board but each can drive 1 Amp. There are 61 notes for each keyboard, one thus needed 4 Midi2Org_64 boards, but one don't need anymore the big static relays which were used in the first version.




Solenoids used in this project:





Click on the picture


One can see all the assembly which will be put on the keyboards




To watch it in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbwfAc0AKhk&feature=youtu.be




Midi accordion


Accordion automated by Alvaro Passari.

Driven by a Midi2Org_64 and a midifile readerMidilector. Solenoids are comming from Small pipe Organs. Please note the bellow is actuated by a DC motor driven by the midi board.






Solenoids used in this project:



Another midi accordion



This is Daniel's one. Here, bellows are not actuated, the air is sent inside by a small vacuum cleaner (used as a blower). It uses a Midi2Org_64 board for the right hand buttons and the left hand fundamental basses (not the chords). Note the originality of the "springs" which maintain the pressure in bellows. SD midi reader from his own fabrication. The quite small electromagnets are driven with 30 volts DC to be able to pull buttons.





To watch it in action: c'est ici


Duet with a midi organ, c'est par là:



Small midi reed organ


Still under construction, it is the Daniel's organ (another Daniel). Midi2Org_32 board and Midilector. Solenoids are: TDS-06A 12VDC-2,1W. Resistance is 68 ohm. They are coming from Conrad's. We are looking forward to seeing the following.






Will your next instrument be here soon ?






Video of a midi piano and midi accordion playing together.




Midi Pianola, Midi accordions, midi organs...find many other examples at GPTO 's







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