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Hello everybody !


NEW ! I know make and sell midi board for your organ or musical instrument



have a look here: www.orgautomatech.com

I'll try with this blog to show the way of building of not only an organ but a whole automatic band . The base is a 61 note organ and an accordion . I'll add later drums, electric piano and other different instruments. Since a few years, I've made some midi board and I 've decided to sell them. At the moment (may 2011)  there are 2 models availlable: 32 and 64 output. For futur, a midifile reader and other useful tools are projected...

You can watch a video and listen to different Mp3's with organ and accordion playing together. Look at the menu on the left.

Have a good surf and come back from time to time to see the "what's new today?"


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